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Criminal / Regulatory Defense of Individuals

  • Co-lead trial counsel for a Macau billionaire who was accused by Southern District prosecutors and the DOJ’s FCPA unit of bribing UN officials to build UN conference centers in Macau.

  • Lead counsel for portfolio manager of prominent hedge fund whom the government threatened with imminent arrest on insider trading charges. After Mr. Park’s presentation, prosecutors agreed not to charge the client, while the firm and its chief executive were charged.

  • Co-lead trial counsel for Iranian American wrongfully charged with violation of Iran Sanctions law. Principal charges were reversed on appeal and Mr. Park obtained a presidential pardon for remaining false statement charge.

  • Co-lead trial counsel for former CFO of technology company charged with 22 counts of securities fraud. After jury was hung on all charges, Mr. Park persuaded the new U.S. Attorney to decline retrial and instead offer client plea to a single tax count with no jail term.

  • Co-lead counsel for former CEO of manufacturing company, who had already been convicted of securities fraud, in connection with post-trial forfeiture and sentencing proceedings. Obtained drastically reduced sentencing and forfeiture order than terms sought by government.

  • Lead counsel for client charged with fraud. After suppression hearing at which Mr. Park successfully excluded the results of a search warrant, charges were dismissed, and he successfully defended the order on appeal.

  • Lead counsel for investment advisor in connection with FINRA investigation into insider trading based on concerns that client’s brother was the investment banker of M&A deal just before client traded in stock. Charges declined.

  • Lead counsel for chief medical officer of pharmaceutical company in connection with governmental investigations into off-label marketing. No charges brought.

  • Co-lead counsel for corporate officer who traded just ahead of news of FDA action on cancer product, leading to client’s arrest and incarceration. Based on multiple presentations of facts to prosecutors, government was persuaded to defer prosecution.

  • Lead counsel for individuals in virtually every high profile corporate or industry investigation in New York between 2009 and 2023, in which none of the clients was criminally charged, including:

    • an executive at Toyota U.S., dealing with the Southern District’s “sudden acceleration” investigation;

    • partners at three of the Big-Four audit firms in various securities fraud investigations;

    • multiple portfolio managers of hedge funds and officers of public companies in insider trading investigations;

    • Former director of human resources for major movie production company whose founder was criminally investigated and prosecuted for pattern of sexual assault;

    • Company and its president investigated for role in corrupt payments in the real estate construction industry in New York City;

    • High level New York State public official in connection with corruption investigations involving State legislative leaders.

Criminal / Regulatory Corporate Engagements

  • Co-lead counsel for Canada’s then-largest telecommunications company in two separate class action litigations alleging securities fraud, as well as in related criminal and SEC investigations and derivative lawsuits.

  • Lead counsel for AmLaw 20 law firm, defending it and two of its partners in a major investigation in the Southern District of New York relating to the GM ignition switch product failures.

  • Lead counsel for a Big Four audit firm during the course of high-profile investigation by U.S. and Korean authorities into allegations that founding chairman of conglomerate client of the accounting firm had engaged in systematic bribery of top Korean officials.

  • Lead counsel for U.S. subsidiary of a Korean conglomerate in connection with bribery, tax and money laundering investigation into former Korean President.

  • Co-lead counsel for DeBeers Centenary AG in its historic resolution, through a corporate plea, of long-standing criminal antitrust charges pending in the United States that enabled DeBeers to finally enter the U.S. market.

  • Lead counsel for Big Four audit firm in connection with monitoring Section 10A investigation by firm’s public issuer client into accounting fraud.

  • Lead counsel for Fortune 500 company in dealing with Section 10A investigation instigated by audit firm and successfully defending company before SEC to decline filing of FCPA charges.

  • Lead counsel for prominent hedge fund in connection with U.S. Senate investigation into off-shore tax shelter practices.

  • Lead counsel for prominent hedge fund in connection with insider trading investigation.

  • Co-lead counsel for global financial institution in connection with multiple investigations stemming from Argentina’s default on bonds.

  • Served as Integrity Monitor for large not-for-profit organization whose previous CEO was convicted of kickback scheme in high profile prosecution brought by New York Attorney General’s Office. Analyzed internal controls and financial processes. Reported to multiple New York State and City agencies for four years.

  • Co-lead counsel in Monitorship of global oil & gas services company after it agreed to non-prosecution agreement with DOJ and SEC following multi-year FCPA investigation.

  • Led independent investigation on behalf of Board of Trustees of a university reviewing complex facts relating to occupation of university facilities by students seeking the ouster of University President.

  • Led dozens of corporate investigations reporting to Board or senior management of public companies and privately owned portfolio companies of private equity firms in connection with: accounting and/or disclosure misrepresentations in financial statements, FCPA violations, mail and wire fraud, bribery and kickbacks, insider trading, obstruction, Reg FD violations, and improper asset allocation and self-dealing by portfolio managers.

Amicus Curiae Submissions

  • United States v. Moshe Porat, on behalf of Criminal Law Professor Stephen Smith, filed amicus brief to the Third Circuit addressing government’s novel use of fraud law to prosecute defendant for efforts to inflate U.S. News rankings for business schools. 

  • United States v. Raj Rajaratnam – on behalf of Professor G. Blakey of Notre Dame Law School, filed amicus brief to Second Circuit and to U.S. Supreme Court addressing the government’s misuse of the wiretap powers.

  • United States v. Ahuja – on behalf of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers, filed amicus brief to Second Circuit addressing the district courts’ blanket preclusion of recross examinations in criminal trials.

  • Dailey v. State of Florida – on behalf of U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, filed amicus brief to U.S. Supreme Court urging remand for new trial the conviction of a defendant on death row.

Civil Litigation

  • Co-lead trial counsel for Sedgewick Co., in a contract-based case brought by Hartford Insurance in New York State Supreme Court, Commercial Part.  After Mr. Park’s cross-examination of plaintiff’s lead witness, plaintiff agreed to favorable settlement.

  • Lead counsel for global manufacturing company in multiple contract-based disputes with counterparties in international arbitration hearings, leading to award for the client or favorable settlement.

  • Lead counsel for LG Electronics in multiple consumer fraud class action cases filed in District Courts in New Jersey and in California. Led negotiations of early and favorable settlements.

  • Co-lead trial counsel brought in on the eve of trial by The Renco Group and its chairman Ira Rennert, in connection with bankruptcy trustee action alleging fraudulent conveyance.

  • Lead counsel for Boston Scientific in civil RICO action filed by the Republic of Iraq in connection with the “oil for food” program during the Hussein regime. Complaint dismissed.

  • Lead counsel for Brown Brothers Harriman in connection with civil action brought to compensate victims of misconduct by Cuban government. Case against client dismissed on stipulation.

  • Lead counsel for Bank of Beirut in connection with civil action brought by victims of Hezbollah attacks. Case against client dismissed on an early motion.

  • Lead counsel for Societe Generale in contract-based action filed in New York State court by former customers alleging mismanagement of investment funds. Case dismissed on an early motion.

  • Co-lead counsel for Merrill Lynch in contract-based action filed in Southern District of New York by former customer of bank alleging mismanagement of investment fund. Case dismissed on an early motion.

  • Co-lead counsel for the CEO and CFO of Nortel Networks in connection with a securities class action complaint filed by shareholders.

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